Account Object v5

The GET LIST call is the only call available for the Account object. Resellers can create new accounts (contact to learn more).

GET LIST - Get details regarding your Alchemer account.

Get requests will cache for 60 seconds. If you make repeated API get requests that are identical, the return will be cached and will thus return identical results.

Authentication Credentialsapi_token=abcd12345&api_token_secret=abcd12345True
Subaccount Accessapi_customer_id=1234567False

Response Example (.json format):

    "result_ok": true,
    "data": {
        "id": 123456,
        "organization": "Alchemer",
        "contact_phone": "(123) 456-7891",
        "reseller": false,
        "resellers_customer_id": null,
        "reseller_uuid": null,
        "sso": [],
        "date_created": "2012-10-31 00:37:29",
	"login_link": ""